Who is Sandra Bennett?

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Children’s Author Sandra Bennett First Children’s short chapter book – Gingerbread Aliens, written for ages 5-10yrs, early, reluctant readers and ESL students.

Mother of three boys, retired Primary School teacher Sandra Bennett appreciates the struggle of teaching reading to reluctant readers and understands the importance of hooking readers from an early age. Increasing literacy in our children has become her passion. Throughout her many experienced years in the classroom Sandra began writing stories to encourage and entice her students to develop a love of reading. She started by writing familiar stories about her students that they could easily relate to. These gradually became more involved, humorous tales that Sandra believed other children could benefit from also.
Sandra had always wanted to write for children, even more so once she went to teachers college and began teaching. As she raised her sons and taught part-time she practiced the craft of writing, took a few courses and eventually grew in confidence to begin the process of helping early and reluctant readers with her own stories through independent publishing.
In 2012 after great deliberation, Sandra took the plunge and published “Gingerbread Aliens.” A short chapter book with an abundance of illustrations to aid comprehension. The story includes a hilarious mix-up, kitchen science and a whole lot of unbelievable antics to hook the reluctant reader.
In 2015 book two “Alien Shenanigans” followed with more science experiments, more mischief and unbelievable humorous twists. Sandra also produced her first picture book the same year. Beautifully and vibrantly illustrated “Emma the Eager Emu” teaches children to strive to achieve their dreams and recognise that it is good to be different.

Erupting a volcano during a reading of Alien Shenanigans with a group of year 2 students at Telopea Park School.
Erupting a volcano during a reading of Alien Shenanigans with a group of year 2 students at Telopea Park School.

Sandra does school visits reading selective chapters from her short chapter book series while demonstrating exciting science experiments such as exploding volcanic eruptions to create enthusiasm and motivation. She also reads her picture book at preschools with her trusty

Reading Emma the Eager Emu with a group of pre-school children at Time4Kindy - Miranda
Reading Emma the Eager Emu with a group of pre-school children at Time4Kindy – Miranda

emu puppet who likes to add its own knowledgeable stories about emus.
2016 proves to be another exciting year ahead with the launch of her second picture book, “Frazzled Freya.” A frill-neck lizard that is frightened of her own shadow, Freya must learn to face her fears and realise that sometimes our biggest fear is fear itself. Book three in her alien reluctant reader series, “Alien Milkshakes” will also be released providing further opportunity for hilarious laughter and intrigue.
Sandra has two short stories published in anthologies. “Drop Bears Hate Vegemite.” Is included in the 2015 Creative Kids Tales Anthology, “Deep within the Forest.”
“A Renovator’s Delight” is in a Halloween anthology, “Satan’s Holiday, an Anthology of Scary Stories.” Note: while the majority of stories in this anthology are not for children, Sandra’s story is suitable for children ages 8 and above.
Sandra’s books can be found here on her website http://www.sandrabennettauthor.com/books/ as well as several book and gift stores in Canberra, Sydney and Darwin, including both the National and Royal Botanic Gardens. Ebook versions are also available on Amazon.
Parents, carers and teachers are invited to join her Facebook group Raising Awesome Readers for strategies to use at home and in the classroom to help with home reading and improving literacy skills in general. https://www.facebook.com/groups/847306541974020/

If you would like to ask Sandra a question regarding reading or writing please leave a comment in the box below, write a private message via the contact page or visit the Raising Awesome Readers Facebook page.

Would you like Sandra to visit your school or pre-school? Sandra is available for school visits in Canberra, Sydney and surrounding regions or via Skype.

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