Alien Shenanigans – The Bradberrie Brothers Alien Adventure Book 2. Havoc with a Year 6 classroom science experiment creates turmoil causing suspicion to erupt.
The Bradberrie Brothers Alien Adventure Book 2.
The second hilarious children’s short chapter book by Sandra Bennett
Alien Shenanigans

There is trouble afoot in Mr Haggardy’s classroom.  An unexplainable explosion in a science experiment wreaks havoc once again and Principal Penwright knows exactly who to blame! Can Brian and his brothers solve the mystery before the snooping Mrs Witherbottom discovers the unbelievable truth behind all the shenanigans?

Brian, David and Simon Bradberrie return in part two of their alien adventure. Mischief and mayhem abounds whenever they are involved. The school is a disaster zone but is it really their fault this time?



  • Science Experiments
  • Co-operation
  • Problem Solving
  • Imagination20161104_124414
  • Early Reading

The balance of text and illustrations make this short chapter book perfect for :

  • 6 yrs + as an early first reader
  • reluctant readers
  • Literacy Assistance/Reading Recovery
  • ESL students
  • 4 yrs + reading at home with parents


Aug 27, 2017 Rhonda Paglia rated it 5 stars  it was amazing

Shelves: middle-school
Alien Shenanigans Rhonda Paglia
Alien Adventure – Book #2
Written by Sandra Bennett
Illustrated by Diana Querubin

The poor Bradberrie Brothers are in trouble again – this time over mysterious messes that keep popping up in school – and they get blamed. Talk about being in the ‘wrong place – at the wrong time.’ The boys set out to discover who or what is causing all the ruckus – and those huge messes. They end up getting in heaps of trouble – with Mr. Haggerty, their teacher; their neighbor, Mrs. Winterbottom; and of course, Principle Penwright – a Bradberrie’s worst nightmare.

Ms. Bennett’s style of writing is fun, funny, and easy to read. Kids will fly through this book. The illustrations are super cute and add to the humor of the story. If your chapter book readers enjoy mystery, science, mischief, AND little green aliens – they will love this adventure by Sandra Bennett.

Spoiler Alert: There is one major problem with Ms. Bennett’s book, “Alien Shenanigans” – it stops with an out-of-this-world cliff hanger! Gak! Thanks, Sandra, I wasn’t ready to quit reading – and your young readers will be begging for more!

I loved this adorable, funny, green alien story and feel it deserves 5 intergalactic stars, for sure!


Now Available at :-

Questacon the Science and Technology Centre, Canberra.

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Paperchain Book Store, Manuka ACT





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  1. Thanks Bette, I had hoped to just about have it ready for release by now but am having such a hard time getting the cover right. It almost seems to be the hardest part of the process.

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