Creative Kids Tales Story Collection.
A collaboration by Australian authors and illustrators.
CKT Story Collection

Just released!
Share the gift of reading for Christmas now while stock lasts.

The first Creative Kids Tales publication has arrived in time for Christmas, and it’s a cracker!

Bursting with fifty-three stories to entertain and entice you.

The Creative Kids Tales Story Collection offers stories from forty emerging Australian authors and illustrators.

This eclectic mix includes tales and verse that are funny or serious, crazy or adventurous, thought provoking or mysterious. Stories for the young and young at heart.

Copies are only $15 plus postage.

It includes two of my short stories.

“Aster’s Aussie Christmas” Is a look at my alien character from my Bradberrie Brother’s alien adventure series and explores how he might feel about arriving in Australia at Christmas time. Told in rhyme and written for younger children, Aster takes a journey around Australia in Santa’s sleigh before experiencing a typical Aussie Christmas day with the family. It is a fun and delightful way for people across the world to see how we spend Christmas Down Under in the Summer.

“A Whale of a Christmas Time,” is a short story written for 8 -12 year old children to learn the value of appreciating things other than material gains. The importance of the environment and helping others instead of being focussed on oneself.

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