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IMG_0329Pull up a comfy chair, have a cup of tea with me and have a look around.

My stories are for the young and the young at heart.  I like to write children’s adventures that the entire family will enjoy reading together.

I have not had a family yet that hasn’t loved sharing and reading  parts one and two of my alien series, “Gingerbread Aliens” and “Alien Shenanigans.”

When I have completed readings in schools I have found even the most reluctant readers begging me to P1060917 - Copycontinue or asking me further questions after the bell has rung. Hands desperately reaching high in the air seeking my attention as children want more of the story.

I have been told of boys who usually will never read at bedtime refusing to put my books down and turn out their light. “Just one more chapter…please!” is a common complaint.

Gingerbread Aliens is the first in a series of five planned short chapter books where I combine humour with action, surprises, adventure and a bit of science thrown into the mix. Imagination is the key that unlocks a whole world of learning to read, and it’s that ability to learn to read that establishes the building blocks to all other future learning. With that knowledge we can all grow and make our dreams come true.

As a classroom teacher of 25 years experience and a mother of 3, I guarantee your child will love “Gingerbread Aliens” and the subsequent books in the Bradberrie Brothers Alien Adventure.

Walt Disney is famously quoted as saying  – All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. 

It is my st11898548_10203503013255766_6517202958968733949_nrong belief in following your dreams that lead me to write my first picture book “Emma the Eager Emu.” Through her tenacity to strive to achieve Emma teaches young readers that not only is it OK to be different but that your dreams can come true. During readings at pre-schools/schools Emma (my emu hand puppet) and I discuss topics like being true to yourself, the value of your unique and special qualities, working hard and practicing to achieve your goals as well as interesting facts about emus and the other birds in the story.

My children’s books are written to entice, encourage and stimulate early and reluctant readers. They are:

  • Laugh out loud fun  project-childrensbook_Page_03
  • Full of unbelievable page turning twists
  • Relatable, likeable and humorous
  • Short and easy to read
  • Light-hearted entertainment for the entire family to enjoy reading together at bedtime

On my “News” blog you will find:

  • helpful parenting tips
  • ideas to help raise awesome readers (and writers)  Boxing Kangaros
  • thoughts on my writing journey
  • life experiences around our property
  • short stories
  • Fun facts about some of the animals in my picture books

The Australian National Eisteddfod selected Gingerbread Aliens for the children to use in their 2013 Championship Section of Speech and Drama Division for Ten years and under. The book was used in their reading from sight division for 10 and 12 year olds. It was a great honour to watch the children perform from exerts of my book.

Online Short Story Competition Entries.

First Place – We Write For Kids Contest. March 2015  “Beware the Drop-Bear!”

First Place – Halloween Final Hour Contest.  2011  “A Renovator’s Delight.”  (Now published in print and ebook in “Satan’s Holiday, An Anthology of Scary Stories” Compiled by Yvonne Mason.)

First Place – Children’s Story Contest. 2012 “Emma the Eager Emu.” Now a beautiful and vibrant children’s picture book.

Second Place -Twelve Years or August 2000.. 2012. “My Wonder Years.”

Fourth Place – Green Nature Lovers Poetry Contest. 2011. “Mother Nature Waking.”

Tenth Place – Creative Kids Tales – Creative Story Contest “Deep Within the Forest.” “Drop Bears Hate Vegemite” Now in the 2015 Creative Kids Tales Anthology.

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